The 3rd International Colloquium of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East is an event organized by the Ancient Near East Research Group (LAOP) of the University of São Paulo (USP). The Colloquium will be in-person, between the 06th and 10th of March 2023 at the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences at the University of São Paulo.
The official languages of the event are Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English. We welcome abstracts in any of these languages but an English version is mandatory. The submissions for communication have been prorrogated and will be accepted if submitted until the 9th of December 2022, through the following link: https://laop.fflch.usp.br/iii-coloquio. After this date, listeners will be able to subscribe through the following link: (https://laop.fflch.usp.br/iiiouvintes)

Theme: “Archives and Collections from Oriental Antiquity: History and Methodological Possibilities”

The Colloquium aims to gather researchers interested in the multiple aspects of the constitution of collections and archives. The event offers an opportunity to reflect about the methodological approaches that may provide us with new perspectives on how archives were constituted and on how we can develop new research practice through these documents. Contributions are encouraged to evolve around the following topics 
1.    Document archives found in situ (commonly called archives).
2.    Reconstructed archives: dispersion process and protection in museums and collections; document’s circulation and collection building; typological classification vs. primary documents organization.
3.    Archival activity practices: the relationship between function and practice in different societies; registration practice and protection as a social process.
4.    Iconographic sources and material cultural objects as archives of social memory, identity articulators, and enactors of social and historical realities.

The abstract or abstracts must be sent through an attachment under the .doc format, and must have between 350 (minimum) and 500 (maximum) words, as well as 3 to 5 keywords.
We invite the authors to indicate the title of their proposals of communication and their names, followed by their institution (university, faculty etc.) as well as their level of education and the status held at their institution (e.g.: University of São Paulo, doctoral student) and their financing agency (when applicable), followed by their e-mail address.

Listeners’ inscriptions:
Those who wish to attend to the colloquium as listeners must fill the following form (link) until the 10th of February 2023, so as to be able to attend.


Oral Communication R$60,00
Poster / Exhibitor R$45,00
Listeners R$30,00

*The payment data will be available on the submission form.

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